Although the methodology of project management is not sector-specific, many companies and organizations want the consultants to have appropriate industry knowledge.
In addition to extensive experience in reengineering and IT projects, several PIPITS consultants have many years of experience in health care projects.
Project management in the health care sector is of particular importance as the growing cost pressure in the health care system and the resulting counter-regulatory measures of the legislature are constantly increasing. The consequence of this is a constant need to further optimize the value-adding business processes.
In this context, professional project management plays a key role. Even today, all major strategic measures, such as Process optimization, development and introduction of new products, merger of companies of health care, sales or the development and introduction of new software products implemented in the form of projects. In the future, the success pressure to deliver the project results while adhering to the requirements for costs, time and quality will continue to increase. Only in this way can companies in the health care industry quickly establish new products in the health care market or react to critical situations in the market or to legal changes.
When carrying out projects, you can use our competence in health care: We advise health care companies in complex and demanding projects.
The integration of project management into the day-to-day business is a separate field of performance and qualification. Our employees are specially trained for this task. The topics of integration, scope, deadline, cost, quality, personnel and communication management are essential in the manager's day. But how do you install these requirements without being paralyzed by the rigidity and scope of professional PM systems? PIPITS also supports you with the installation of powerful, easy-to-use project management structures for everyday use as well as for setting up professional project offices according to international PM standards. Of course, pipits also takes the independent control of individual projects or programs to your relief.